HOMH: Noemi Aguilar speaks of the struggles her and other seniors are faced with


Photo by Consuelo Sauceda

Noemi Aguilar (12) cherishes the last memories she made with her teammates.

Story by Sophia Perun, Features Editor

“COVID-19 has affected not only me but many students globally. This virus has had a major impact emotionally, physically, and mentally on us. It took away our activities, events and for us seniors, possibly our graduation, and other senior activities. The events and activities I’m mostly upset about most likely missing are graduation, prom, and grad night along with my last dance show. Walking down that stage and receiving my high school diploma was a great vision I had since it’s a moment that makes everything worthwhile. I wanted my mom to see me and clap for me that day and FaceTime my brother and dad who won’t be here to see me graduate. My dance show because we had been working so hard for it and it was the goodbye to such a special part of my high school life. Those memories with my friends and truly having one last moment to thank our high school family for their support and guidance these last four years. This virus has forced us to stay home without a clear idea of what will happen in the next few months. For many the school was their safe space, parents lost their jobs and are limited on resources. For me personally, it has taken away many of my aspirations of graduating this year and the many memories I would’ve made with my friends and family one last time. Emotionally and mentally it has definitely been challenging, but we have to push through especially when we don’t see that many updates from our community which is understandable. It has been challenging mentally and emotionally because of all the sudden changes in just a few days, I didn’t know that that Friday was my last day of high school, being in quarantine without really being able to go out forces us to be a lot in our minds and overthinking about what might happen can cause a lot of anxiety among a lot of us. I feel like since everything went downhill so quickly; it’s hard to cope with our emotions. My mom recently lost her job just as many others which although it is a blessing to have her home, she has been really stressed and it feels really bad not being able to help her that much. News is all over social media with a lot of misinformation is causing unnecessary anxiety for a lot of people as well. School was like a home and a family for a lot of us and it was simply taken away so quickly and not hearing from our district or the government in general about how these things will be solved is, in reality, something to worry about.”