Varsity boys soccer’s last-minute loss against Carlsbad will not leave the team defeated


Photo by Cristina Rosas

Cameron Rosa (11) dribbles the ball down the field, looking for a pass in the team’s game against Carlsbad High School (1/23).

Story by Cristina Rosas, Staff Writer

   As the lights shine over the Jack Ashby Field, the boys soccer team gets ready to strike on their opponents. Coming from a tough loss, the Grizzlies learned from their past game against Canyon Crest and improved their tactics to win this game. After warming up and determining each players’ position, the boys took a knee to set their prayers. 

   “We pray to God because we are thankful for the life and energy he gives us but especially for taking care of us on the field. Not all of us are religious but the sport brings us together and we are all one family so we all pray for each other because we want the best for each other,” Brian Santigo (12) said. 

   The whistle sounds as the Lancers start a match and enter the Grizzlies’ side of the field. At 37 minutes, Carlsbad commits a foul, giving the Grizzlies a free kick to enter the Lancers’ side of the field. After going back and forth, it comes down to the first corner kick for Carlsbad and through the communication between the strong defense line and the goalkeeper, the Grizzlies were able to clear the line and send their forward far from their half of the field. 

   As the first half came to an end, the team was running on a 0-0 tie. Goalkeeper, Ethan Ibarra was able to perform multiple saves while each side continued to fire their shots. Eventually, the end of the first half came and left each team with the desire to step back on that field and score until they raised their closing chant in victory. 

   After a break, the boys started their second half. After an incredible first five minutes on the Lancers half of the court, Carlsbad managed to take control over the ball, scoring at minute 20. 

   After containing the Lancers, the Grizzlies got a free shot after a foul was committed by Carlsbad at 2 minutes. Dropping low, all the bottom line was moved inside the opponents box and Ibarra was called to take the shot. The whistle blew and Ibarra shot the ball, allowing Brian Ojeda to score, creating a 1-1 tie.

   “What I really love about this team is that even when we are down we stick to our plan and we still go and fight. No matter how many goals down we are, we always try to get one more. Unfortunately we didn’t finish the game at the very end but we did expect to get a goal,” Jacob Santiago (12) said.

   Unfortunately at the very last second, Carslbad was able to score, breaking the tie and giving them the 2-1 win.

   “We wanted to come back together as a team, and when they scored, all we wanted to do was score and get back in the game. We always play with our hearts, we talk on the field and we wait for the results. Although this game was a little frustrating, we’ll get a second chance,” Anthony Zarate (12) said.