Handmade delights brighten the lives of Craft Club members


Photo by Gisella Escobar

Craft Club provides a special spark of creativity and splashes color onto the Mission Hills campus.

Story by Samantha Wong, Editor in Chief

   Creativity is the ability to show your imagination through any type of work, but especially through artistic crafts. At Mission Hills, Craft Club allows all students to show their creative side by doing seasonal arts and crafts. The club focuses on creating a relaxed atmosphere by picking calming projects for students to work on with their friends to escape the stress of school. 

   “I joined Craft Club because I love to draw and paint and I’m just very artistic so this sounded like a lot of fun. Others should know that even if you’re not super artistic or skilled you can still join the club because we don’t do super complicated crafts, they are just fun and easy,” Anne Tedrow (9) said.

   Craft Club does different projects each month such as gluing succulents on top of a small pumpkin for a fall craft, making colorful friendship bracelets, and teaching macramé knotting techniques. Every student is welcome to join regardless of their level of experience or skill with crafting. It is a safe place where students are allowed to express themselves and be creative in their own way.

   “Crafting is something everyone can benefit from since it is calming, hands-on, and good for the mind. It makes your day a little more exciting and I would love more students to join and find that they love crafts as much as I do,” said Kayla Tracy (12), club president. 

   Creativity and self-expression are encouraged among all members. Projects are only outlined so students get to make it their own and let their personality come through. At the end of each meeting, you get to take the craft home or gift it to friends and families. Each craft varies in the length of time required to finish it, but if the craft isn’t finished during the lunch period you can take it home to complete. There is only one meeting each month, during which a new craft is started.   

   “My favorite craft has been the succulent pumpkin because we got to pick our pumpkins and the succulents to glue on. The pumpkin came out really cute, I chose a white pumpkin with green moss and most of the succulents were green with some having a red tint. I liked how it turned out and it was a cute decoration for my room,” Kathryn Tracy (9) said. 

    Craft Club welcomes all students with any skill level who want to escape into a relaxed environment to create simple and fun crafts. Meetings are once a month during lunch in room 520. To join and get notifications of meeting dates text @crafty to 81010. Joining this fun, stress-free club will allow any student with any skill level to open up and showcase their creative side.