Grizzlies express their unique styles in Fashion Club


Photo by Gisella Escobar

Fashion Club members immerse themselves in exploring the latest styles and trends.

Story by Saphir Guy, Staff Writer

   For someone who is an aspiring fashion designer or wants to practice their creative skills, Fashion Club is the way to go as it gives its members the opportunity to explore the world of style, make their own cosmetics, redesign old clothes, and learn about building and advertising their own business. 

  “Fashion Club is a club where anyone can come to learn about fashion; we even have some segments on business and we’re sponsored by the College  Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM),” said Alondra Rodriguez (12), the president of Fashion Club.

  Fashion Club is also the perfect club for anyone to participate in if they want to learn about different business skills like managing their money, starting up their own company or label, and building and managing their work in general. This club also explores the world of fashion by learning about the latest styles and trends, modeling, and designing clothing and accessories. 

 “We want to express our creativity, do some DIY activities, and learn about the different aspects of the creative industry,” Rodriguez said.

   Some DIY activities Fashion Club did last year included painting denim clothes, sewing items by hand, and crafting homemade cosmetics. Fashion Club not only involves doing exciting activities, designing clothes and accessories and making creative products; it also has college benefits. 

   “If you join Fashion Club and you’re an active member, you receive a guaranteed scholarship of $4,000 at FIDM and have the opportunity of participating in the scholarship contest they have,” Rodriguez said. 

   Joining this clothing-oriented club is the best way to get experience in every aspect of the runway as well as spend time with people who have the same hobbies and interests in the creative industry. 

   “People should join fashion club because it can be a way to express yourself and de-stress by doing fun activities,” Rodriguez said. 

   Members should expect to meet kind and welcoming people who do creative activities including “jazzing up” old clothes into brand new stylish outfits and making a unique line of beauty products. If you are interested in joining Fashion Club, come to room 450 at lunch every other Thursday; the next meeting is Nov. 21.