News Recap for October 21, 2019

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News Recap for October 21, 2019

Turkey invades Syria

   The Trump Administration called U.S. troops to pull out of Syria earlier last week. Despite warnings from President Trump, Turkish forces have taken the opportunity to invade Syria in an effort to crush the Kurdish forces. The decision to leave Syria has been met with criticism from both conservative and liberal standpoints. Many have speculated that an ISIS resurgence will occur as a result of the invasion.


Chaos in Catalan

   In response to the prison sentences given to 12 Catalan seperatist leaders from Spain’s supreme court, protests have erupted throughout Barcelona. Support for Catalan’s separation from Spain have been growing since 2012, but the punishment of the seperatist leaders have shifted the movement to a more radical approach. Protesters blocked traffic on major highways and flooded airports, forcing 110 flight cancelations. 


Saddleridge Fire

   The Saddleridge Fire in Northern Los Angeles has been burning for over a week, destroying 8,000 acres and 19 structures. Early responses to the fire included shutting off electricity and gas to local homes and businesses in an effort to prevent more fires. Although the fires have been 80% contained, many are still on high alert as the operations to put out remaining blazes are underway.