McTizic was made for the stage


Photo by Gigi Downey

McTizic reaches for the stars as he basks in the limelight.

Story by Lilly Brown, Opinions Editor

  The lights and glamour of the high school performing arts is something that only a select few get to experience, one of them being Roman McTizic. McTizic has participated in drama productions, such as “American Idiot” and “Schoolhouse Rock Live!” and dance shows and even marching band competitions during his time here at Mission Hills.

  Throughout his four years, McTizic has participated in seven different productions, two of them being outside of school. Two musicals, two dance shows, and band competitions from freshman year are some of the things on McTizic’s resume. Junior year is when McTizic did his first high school production with “American Idiot” and started dancing this year.

  “Drama was just go go go and then a lot of waiting just to go fast again. I needed something in the arts that was easier to rely on and dance was something that I was interested in and something that was active for the whole year,” Mctizic said.

  McTizic is about as wise as they come for still being in high school.

  “Some advice that I have for my lower classmen is do not procrastinate whatever you do, especially your sophomore year, that’s when you’ll suffer the consequences the most,” McTizic said.

  To so many people at this school, McTizic has been someone they can come to and rely on. Next year McTizic will start getting his degree at Palomar next fall and then hopefully transfer to UC Irvine to study biochemistry.