Softball brings the CIF trophy home


Story by Gisselle Acevedo, Sports Editor

The Softball team broke the fifteen year streak on Saturday May 25th as they took over the win on their CIF game against San Pasqual. The unpredictable home-runs were the light of the game because of the rays of excitement they resemble.

    “I felt really good and excited about the win; I am beyond proud of my team for their hard work. Through every practice and game, they always try and give it their best so all the hard work paid off” Autumn Poppett (11) said.

    The win had brought tears of joy to the team specially to the only senior on the team.

    “I have been playing softball for as long as I can remember, winning CIF has been one of my ultimate goals and I’m speechless because I can’t believe we won my senior year,” Malama Unutoa (12) said.

    The team bondings allowed for the girls to get closer together and the girls learned to always be there for each other through the good and the bad or every game..

    “I cheered on my team throughout every game and as I did my job in the outfield, I always managed to pick up my teammates when they would fall down,” Poppett (11) said.

    The softball team brings home the win and a new trophy home. The girls have made history and they hope to keep the trophy home next year.