Cherry Glazerrs sweet tunes up the ante for indie bands

Story by Miles Butters, Staff Writer

  Guitars ring with distortion as the vocals hit your ears with a childlike tone slathered in reverb; this is Cherry Glazerr, one of the most interesting indie bands born out of Los Angeles. The band is the brainchild of Chlementine Chevy, guitarist and singer, with Devin O’Brien and Tabor Allen on bass and drums respectively. Now releasing their third album, their sound has devolved while still growing in interesting intricacies.

  “Cherry Glazerr is such a unique band with so many lineup changes, it’s interesting to hear where they are now. I just hope they keep progressing their sound and maybe get even more experimental with it,” Macy Hernandez (12) said.

  The album “Stuffed & Ready” is an interesting dive into the indie pop genre. This album feels like a return to the band’s original garage-rock sound consisting of only three instruments. Chevy’s writing echos with pain, and past tributions songs like “Stupid Fish” and “Isolation” produce gut wrenching emotions in the listener, leaving their soul weeping. The softness of Chevy’s voice makes it an additional instrument. Never does it overpower the other instruments; instead, it perfectly finds its place in the mix and just exists like a thin satin tablecloth on a perfectly sculpted, varnish, oak table. Evan in the high notes where Chevy is reaching, she has a talent of making it sound intentional.

  “Their instrumentation is so powerful and leaves your ears ringing. It all brings up so much emotion. At first listen, it all sounds so simple. Then, on a second listen, more and more intricacies are revealed,” Sarah Gerardo (11) said.

  The instrumentation lives in the same exquisite realm as the vocals. With dualitys of dark and light—soft to hard—it creates a beautiful dichotomy leaving listener never knowing what’s next. Typically on the more solumb side the record picks up and drops off like a song by the ever-influential Pixies. The drums portray a sound reminiscent of the the 1980s particularly in the mix and effects around the snair, while the bass plays it’s part as a beautiful back beat to the whole record keeping time and adding interesting alliteration to the chord changes. Aesthetically, the instruments form a classic post punk garage rock sound that is lacking in today’s popular music.

  “This album is so good but it does seem a bit like a more poppy comercial record which is a little disappointing but it’s still really good they still have their sound that attracted a lot of their fans now it just sounds more cleaned up and less groungy you know still worth a listen though,” Isabella Rhol (12) said.

  Cherry Glazerr is pushing a whole genre forward while innovating a classic sound. With some of the most interesting heartfelt lyrics in recent memory and music there to match it, this album is everything a fan of musical dichotomy could ever want.