Avenge-ing the world


Story by Joseph Kamandy, Multimedia Editor

   Half the population had been wiped from existence; heroes most cherished had perished. Only a number remain with one question left lingering in the minds of all: do they possess the ability to restore humanity?

  With chaos brewing, the Avengers assemble yet again, introducing a number of fresh faces along the way in hopes of restoring planet Earth and standing up for the protection of their home—better yet—the protection of its people.

  “Some of my hopes and expectations are that we’ll get to see how everyone deals with the loss of so many loved ones along with an explanation as to how Ant-man escaped the quantum realm. I predict that Ant-man will bring everyone together and find a way to take Thanos down,” Marco Cardenas (11) said.

  “Avengers: Endgame” is planned to release in theatres April 26, the next addition in the Avengers series after the previous Avengers movie.

  “I presume Captain Marvel will have a pivotal role in stopping Thanos. Also based on ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’, there will most-likely be time travel, in which the Avengers go back in time to collect the infinity stones. Another thing, Stan Lee’s last cameo will most-likely be in this film. It will be quite emotional to see my hero on the big screen for the last few times,” Jayce Jovero (11) said.

  With the emergence of “Captain Marvel” taking place on March 8, it is suspected Marvel Studios wishes to hold off just a bit regarding any new information on “Avengers: Endgame”, as the primary focus seems to lean towards “Captain Marvel” at the moment. It is based on marketing; Marvel desires success from both films. but with the overall hype directed towards one of two films, the anticipation for the other will die down.

  “There is most-likely going to be a lot of cross-overs from the previous Marvel films and will probably be led by either Captain America or Captain Marvel,” Geovany Vejar (11) said.

  Countless Marvel fans constantly seek out a number of leaked hints prior to the next film’s release date. Judging from the overall success of the Avengers series, it is no question the anticipation will continue to rise, as the film may showcase an ensuing and concluding journey of the Avengers’ legacy.