Educational institution to that of an economic institution


Story by Joseph Kamandy, Multimedia Editor

America is failing: thousands of unemployed roam its streets, the government persists to dissatisfy Americans following the recent government shutdown and now, college is more expensive than it has ever been.

  The desire for a better future pushes students to do their best in school in order to open that gateway in attending the educational institute they most admire. However, with this comes dozens of obstacles. One obstacle in particular is the cost that colleges continue to force upon students; it adds yet another factor in causing student stress and debt.

  “There is a high demand for students to enter colleges. A lot of students want to go, and because of that, colleges see that wish as an advantage and think ‘well let’s charge them for it,’” Lerome Johnson (11) said.

  Living expenses, books and tuition continue to weigh students down who are attending college, serving as a factor in the decision of those who choose to drop out.

  “I think college should be a little more affordable than it currently is right now. Many students struggle, and the government should help assist those who are in need of financial support,” Sem Gutierrez (11) said.

  Experts say the reason as to why colleges are so expensive is directly related to the fact that there is no central procedure to control price increases within the United States. In the United Kingdom, their government regulates the spending of universities, keeping tuition capped.

  Once sustainable public funding was taken out from under these schools, they started acting more like businesses,” said Maggie Thompson, the executive director of Generation Progress to The Atlantic.

  Over the years, it seems as though colleges and universities have slowly been transitioning from an educational institution to that of an economic institution. This means that those who decide to remain can expect a boost in salary for their varying levels of degrees.

  Even with the increase in college expenses, many students continue to attend, hoping their years of hard work will pay off in the end. While the government continues to keep figures high, the potential of many may never be met.