Track the past, organize the present and map the future


Story by Lilly Brown, Opinions Editor

Planning, journaling, to-do lists and calendars. This is everything that bullet journaling can do for you plus so much more. It’s the start of a new year, and everyone wants to meet their new year’s resolutions. Being more organized is usually a goal, whether you want to be more organized with your time, your school work or with your life in general; a bullet journal is a great tool you can use to make sure you’re the best that you can be this year.

  “For my birthday this year, I got a bullet journal, and it’s so much fun; I love it,” Kyra Reid (9) said.

  Most people have a general idea of what bullet journaling is, but do they understand the true purpose of a bullet journal. A bullet journal is a place where you can write down your quick thoughts and notes, keep track of different events and plan for future ones. Reminders are also a huge part of bullet journaling.

 “Bullet journaling sounds like it might get a little stressful. I would get stressed or feel guilty if I missed a day or something,” Eddy Ramirez (11) said.

  Starting a bullet journal is a simple, easy task. All you need is a brand notebook—medium-sized moleskine journals are popular—colorful pens and a creative imagination, but most importantly, there are no rules to bullet journaling. However, there are a few steps to ensure maximum efficiency. Step one, number your pages. This will make it easier for you to find where you’re keeping certain notes or lists. Step two, create a table of contents. Here you list where to find everything you put in your bullet journal; update it as you go! Step three is to dedicate two pages to each month for your big to-do’s such as cleaning out your garage or taking the car to get an oil change. Next, you set up the pages for big things you want to track such as books you’ve read or new foods you want to try. You can use pens and markers to make your journal creative and personalized.

  “I haven’t heard of bullet journaling before now, but it’s definitely something that I’d be willing to try,” Lizette De La Cruz (9) said.

 Bullet journaling is a great way to organize your life and clean out your mind. It can be anything you want it to be or it can follow the four steps. You can express yourself with sketches or words or just simply make quick notes. It’s easy and fun, and it’s something everyone can do. Happy journaling, Grizzlies!