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Alan Ashkin
Alan Ashkin is one of the many students who have just joined the Silvertip Team as of 2020. He enjoys writing and wishes to practice it - the primary reason why he decided to apply in the first place. Outside of school, Alan indulges in leisurely tasks - reading, gaming, and surfing the web. When he is not performing his hobbies, Alan will often spend his time socializing with his family members. As an initiate and a freshman, Alan is thrilled to be allowed to work with the team and engage with its experienced members. He hopes that, by working for The Silvertip, he will be able to broaden his knowledge of journalism and potentially improve his writing abilities. Ultimately, Alan is thankful to be a part of The Silvertip Staff and is ecstatic to see what is in store for him.

, Copy Editor

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Alan Ashkin