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Hannah Larson
The first seventeen years of my life have brought incredible opportunities and given me an adventurous and competitive spirit. I am an 11th grade staff writer for 'The Silvertip' and joined journalism in order to improve my writing skills and take advantage of the chance to showcase the student body in a way that will make us unite as Grizzlies. I am staying connected to Mission Hills not only through classes and electives, but also through by being a member of the Academic Team. For me, relaxing looks like an afternoon filled with reading, playing the piano, and taking a bike ride on a path close to my house. In the future, I hope to broaden my horizons by making unforgettable memories that will increase my love for thrilling physical challenges. Going indoor skydiving, floating in a hot air balloon, spending time paragliding, and soaring through the sky on a zipline have whetted my appetite for adrenaline pumping adventures, whether they be 50 feet in the air or 50 feet under the surface of the ocean.

Hannah Larson, Staff Writer

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