HOMH: Ms. L Returns as a long-term sub for ONE

Ms. L looks forward to another year with her ONE Silvertip family.


Photo by McKenna Crenshaw

Ms. L looks forward to guiding the ONE TV and Silvertip family through create new media.

“This year I teach Video Production 1/2, Journalism 1/2, Photography 1/2 and AP Photography. I am very excited for this year! I have new classes I get to experience as well as helping Silvertip and ONE TV students reimagine their space and meet their new goals. Some goals that I have for ONE TV and Silvertip students this year is to help them curate their space here in the Library so that they can utilize it to their liking. Another goal I have is to help Silvertip students reimagine their website, mhhsnews.com, with a new layout! Lastly, I’d love for my photography students to experiment with other post-processing techniques and print their work in both faux CMYK and true CMYK here with my risograph at home as well as the new printer we have access to in our classroom!”