HOMH: Olivia Boisvert cheers her way past these unfortunate circumstances


Photo by weheartphotography

Despite the difficult circumstances, Olivia aims to make the most of her last year on the varsity team.

“Cheer puts so much pressure on my body but there’s just something about it that I love. Just being able to create a bond with all of my teammates has been the best part of my experience. We’ve become a family. It’s the chance to create bonds and friendships that you wouldn’t normally have during school and I love the friends and family that come out of it. Getting to cheer the boys on from the sideline is something I really enjoy because I love football and doing anything that will pump up the crowd for them makes it a hundred times better. It’s hard knowing this is my last year on the squad and I want to make sure I make the best out of my senior year, even though it’s been hard with these circumstances. Still, I want to make it a great year, especially for the younger girls having a varsity experience.”