HOMH: Mikaela Hawkins’ journey towards body positivity


Photo by Courtesy of Mikaela Hawkins

Although she has struggled on her journey, Mikaela Hawkins has learned how to love her body.

“When I was younger I was bullied, I believe the reason why was because I was the ‘new girl’ and I have always been fat. Fat shouldn’t be seen as a bad word and it has taken me years to come to terms with the fact that it isn’t a bad word. Calling someone fat has the same effect as calling someone ‘gay’, people shouldn’t use someone’s identity or description as a bad word because it really isn’t one, and those people just want you to feel like it is. As a society, we have grown to be more accepting of bigger bodies, and it shows when there is a successful singer who is plus size, my inspiration Lizzo. I have gotten more into plus size creators and influencers, which has helped me. I believe representation has played a huge part in my personal journey because seeing others who look like me has made me feel like there is nothing wrong with me or with my body. I am just another person just like all of these creators and influencers.”