San Marcos Drive-thru Halloween 10/29


Photo by Mackenzey Hyppolite

San Marcos Drive-thru Halloween event: Ghouls and Goodies

With the constant uncertainty that COVID-19 has imposed on everyone, many have decided to call Halloween a no-go this year, with major concerns over social distancing. Despite this, the San Marcos Parks and Recreation department has proposed a new idea: a drive-thru trick-or-treating event for children of all ages to enjoy.
“Being that San Marcos has been under certain strict health regulations, the majority of families have had very limited contact or events outside of the home for the past several months. Being able to have Halloween celebrations and activities-not to mention, getting out of the house for a small while-is important for parents and young children, especially to maintain some sort of normalcy while also upholding health regulations,” Alyssa Slater (11) said.
The event, called Ghouls & Goodies, takes drivers up to the Civic Center parking garage through a “trunk-or-treat” styled haunted maze that is guaranteed to deliver a fright. One of the first stops includes a treat bag that will prepare participants for the rows of vendors.
Parents are assured that all treat givers are required to wear masks and gloves. They also encourage all participants to stay in their vehicle, wear a costume, and to wear a mask.
“This is a great way to unite the community because it creates a sense of unity since we are going to be able to help others have fun. It provides extra support to families who need to get out and have some relaxation time,” Kalea Costales (11) said.
The Ghouls and Goodies event will take place Thursday, Oct. 29 at 5 p.m. on the top floor of the San Marcos Civic Center parking garage. Drivers are advised to enter the event through Rancheros Parkway and drive with caution.