Controversy over the senior apparel


The long awaited senior apparel was released Oct. 6, and has been the center of attention since its release. There were doubts that senior apparel would even happen this year, with COVID-19 , but the Senior Class Officers (SCOs) were able to get it done despite the challenges. Some have praised the SCOs for their work, while others are critical of the result.
The senior apparel is a collection of three items this year: a red men’s crewneck t-shirt, a red women’s crewneck t-shirt, and a black unisex long sleeve. Typically, the senior apparel has two or three items. Usually it’s a t-shirt, a hoodie, and maybe something else. Last year the class of 2020 got a yellow t-shirt, a long-sleeve, and a hoodie.
Most seniors were anticipating a hoodie, so when they discovered that there was no hoodie, many were both shocked and disappointed. The Class of 2021 instagram @mhhs_2021 posted the senior apparel that is available for purchase. They were almost immediately met with criticism.
Many seniors were distraught when they realized that the apparel would consist of two identical t-shirts and a long-sleeve. The negative reaction stemmed from the fact that in the previous couple years, all senior apparels had included a hoodie, so this year’s seniors were expecting one too.
In response to the criticism, the ‘21 instagram responded with the fact that they hosted an event on their instagram in which seniors could submit designs for the apparel and received very little feedback.
The SCOs also had to go with a different vendor than in previous years because of the pandemic, so the options they had were different than before.
“We, as the senior class officers weighed our options and decided the crewneck t-shirts were our best option. The closest thing they had to a hoodie was a thin, zip-up, sweater. We decided the crewnecks were better,” Senior Class Treasurer Dusan Pantich (12) said.
The apparel is available for purchase until Oct. 28. Time will tell if the change in style will affect the sales this year.