San Marcos celebrates 25-year-old holiday tradition


Photo by Estephanie Mendez

Ballerinas make a sweet appearance on stage at thee San Marcos Civic Center amphitheater.

Story by Estephanie Mendez, Staff Writer

  The city of San Marcos hosted its annual tree lighting event on Dec. 7 at the Civic Center. The event entailed everything from delicious local food, to festive children activities: dance performances by and for all ages, and of course the main event of the night—the lighting of the Christmas tree. 

   “It makes me content to see other people’s happy expressions and to help out the community,” said Luis Gama (9), a volunteer at the event. 

   The free enjoyments made it a lovely event for people of all ages and families of all economic backgrounds. Free activities included beading bracelets, frosting and decorating cookies, taking a picture with Santa, enjoying live performances, and experiencing the holiday ambiance through the decorations and lights.

   “My favorite part about this event is that we get to interact with little kids and help them out in activities that foster a sense of holiday spirit,” said Ghizal Yosufi (12), a volunteer at the event.

   The fire department participated in the community event by bringing a fire truck with a ladder capable of extending. The ladder, which Santa climbed, neared the zenith of the tree. A countdown from the numbers 10 to 1 commenced, with each decreasing number skyrocketing the anticipation. When the countdown finished, the lights turned on and cheers were heard from all around. 

    “I came here for key club. My favorite part of this event is the tree lighting at the end when all of the lights are turned on,” said Adrian Tran (10).

   From getting the materials for the crafts and activities, to organizing the food vendors, securing the fire department’s involvement, obtaining security, scheduling the performances, gathering volunteers, and decorating the civic center, a substantial amount of effort was contributed by everyone involved in the event in creating a memorable experience for the inhabitants of San Marcos.