News Recap for April 20, 2019

Your weekly recap for all things news.


  • The long-awaited Mueller report on the suspected collisions between President Donald Trump and the Russian government has been released, albeit redacted. The verdict is ultimately foggy, however, as it claims Trump is neither exonerated or committed of a crime. There is proof of Russia meddling with the 2016 election, but, the report states that there is insufficient evidence of a criminal conspiracy. While not indicative, Congress has opened doors as whether to further investigate it via committees.
  • After a controversial several months regarding the U.S.’s involvement in the Saudi-led Yemen genocide, Trump has vetoed a Congressional attempt to halt any U.S. involvement. The conflict has led to millions in need of humanitarian assistance as Yemen’s citizens are facing malnourishment, disease, food insecurity, and death.
  • One of the world’s greatest wonders appeared on every international headline this week: the Notre-Dame Cathedral de Paris. A still unexplained fire erupted Monday, calling 500 firefighters to the scene of the 800-year-old holy monument. At just about midnight, the Cathedral’s roof and spire had collapsed but the remainder of the building had been saved. A plethora of mourners all around the world, millions of dollars have been donated for the years of reconstruction at hand.
  • Former Vice President Joe Biden prepares for a big announcement next week, greatly suspecting of the beginning of his presidential campaign. As a Democrat, he will be the 20th Democrat to enter the 2020 race against current President Donald Trump. Many experts claim that if he were to enter, Biden would be in a tight competition between the highly-popular Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT).
  • The San Marcos Educator’s Association rallied up over 500 SMUSD teachers to protest at the school district board meeting on Tuesday, April 16, to protest the absence of a contract as well as over-capacity class sizes. No deal has yet to be decided, but teachers are determined for results.